Retirement with PetsRule of 20 for Retirement
Your financial plan at Wealthy Choices™ is about your values and life choices and, yes, assets. You want to know how much retirement you can buy.
Can you have a dog or cat companion when you retire? If you are a pet lover, you may think this is a stupid question.
Your readiness to retire is about two things: what are you going to do with all that time, and what lifestyle will your assets and income buy?

You and I have something very significant in common. We both care about your financial well-being. I’m Penelope Tzougros bringing you strategies for retiring well – whenever that is (next month or years from now) and however you define it.

What’s different about the process at Wealthy Choices™ is YOU. You are the dynamic center. You may feel like saying after our first meeting what my other clients say. It’s some version of this; “Penelope, you really heard me. You got it. Your questions helped  me think about what’s ahead. I feel better already.”

After that first conversation, I analyze the information you provided and create a report that answers your questions and recommends strategies tailored to your timetable.

The Wealthy Choices™ financial Plan is about your concerns. It is not filled with obscure terms and extraneous information, then stuffed into a leather binder. It’s impressive not for a slick cover, but for its comprehensive view of your unique situation.

It is a usable report that comes with my commitment to stay with you and be available for your ongoing questions. The language of the report is conversational. It continues our first discussion and talks honestly, clearly, and directly. In our second  meeting, you decide on implementing the recommendations, and set the timetable for moving forward. We work together to plan for your continued financial well-being.

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Whether you are ready to start, or just need a complimentary, no obligation, dialogue to see if we go together like peanut butter and jelly or caviar and champagne.